Saturday, 19 May 2012

About Transit of Venus on 6th June 2012

What is Transit of Venus ?  What will one See ?
On June 6, a rare celestial event called a transit of Venus will take place, and it won't be repeated in your lifetime. 

What exactly will happen ?
During the transit, Venus will pass directly in front of the sun from Earth's perspective, appearing as a small, slowly moving black dot.

Why it is lifetime opportunity? Can we see it directly? The last time this happened was in June 2004, but the next one won’t take place until December 2117. This is the last chance for anyone alive today to see the rare celestial sight. This celestial event should be seen using safe methods like using Solar Filter or indirect project methods.

Is it visible in India? Unlike a total eclipse of the sun, which is visible only within a long narrow track traced by the moon’s shadow, during the 2012 transit of Venus the entire hemisphere of Earth facing the sun will get to see at least part of the planet’s solar crossing.

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