Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Here is Link to Venues in 23 Districts Click here 

Here is list of Outlets where you can purchase Click Here 

Main Venue of Observation : Near People Plaza, Necklace Road ,Hyderabad

Here is list of Source for various Live Webcast/telecasts Information

1. NASA EDGE, Hawaii Click here

2. NASA TV Click here

3. Mount Wilson Observatory click here

4. Fairbanks Alaska click here

 5. Glenn Research Center click here

6. Alice Springs, Australia click here

7. Norway Click here

8. Much Hoole, Horrocks click here

 9. IAO, Hanle, Ladakh click here

10. European Space Agency click here

11. International Space Station Click here

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Video on Transit of Venus

About Transit of Venus on 6th June 2012

What is Transit of Venus ?  What will one See ?
On June 6, a rare celestial event called a transit of Venus will take place, and it won't be repeated in your lifetime. 

What exactly will happen ?
During the transit, Venus will pass directly in front of the sun from Earth's perspective, appearing as a small, slowly moving black dot.

Why it is lifetime opportunity? Can we see it directly? The last time this happened was in June 2004, but the next one won’t take place until December 2117. This is the last chance for anyone alive today to see the rare celestial sight. This celestial event should be seen using safe methods like using Solar Filter or indirect project methods.

Is it visible in India? Unlike a total eclipse of the sun, which is visible only within a long narrow track traced by the moon’s shadow, during the 2012 transit of Venus the entire hemisphere of Earth facing the sun will get to see at least part of the planet’s solar crossing.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Details of Observation on 6 June for Individuals

TV9 is identifying 10 Venues across the State for observation of Venus Transit. Details will be published or emailed to you 3 days before the event. Compact Disk with Free Imported Certified Solar Filter would be provided to participants. Participation is on first cum first serve basis based on number of C.D.’ + Filters available.  Andhra Pradesh State Council of Science and Technology (APCOST) is organizing observation in 23 Districts with the help of its coordinators. Venue Details will be announced on this site and through newspaper information.

Various schools/colleges/institutions/apartment associations/Group of Persons are purchasing Compact Disk with Solar filters and partnering with Planetary Society India. They are recognized as “Observation Center” to organize observation locally inviting people freely. List of such institutions “Observation Center” associated with us will be published on this site 3 days before event.

Option 3:   Visit your local Post Office and Send us Rs. 75/- + Rs. 25 (for Delivery in Hyderabad) or Rs.35 (Delivery outside Hyd) + Electronic Money Order (EMO) or Money order to Mr. Raju H.no.123 D, Vengal Rao Nagar, Hyderabad 500038.
*After Sending EMO SMS/Email us your 18 Digit Number & Address to 9290444058 (takes SMS only).

* Delivery Charges for Two Compact Disk with Filter is also Rs. 25 (for Delivery in Hyderabad) or Rs.35 (Delivery outside Hyd). More pieces if ordered we may give accurate rate of Delivery Charges.

*Once 18 Digit Tracking number is received we will send delivery of “Compact Disk with Filters” to address provided by you within 3 days by Registered Speed Post/Courier.

Note: 1. Address above is one of the Storage offices for Planetary Society India No direct contact will be entertained till 6th June 2012 due to limited Stocks. If any issue please write to us on Planetary Society India P.O.Box.No.1361, Hyderabad 28 or email us at planetarysocietyindia@gmail.com * Delivery of C.D. with Filter is first cum first serve basis. In case of No stock Money would be returned after deducting postal charges. Before this a mail & message would be sent. So Hurry Up.

2.  For Large number of pieces you can pay into society's account "PLANETARY SOCIETY" by electronic transfer at  Syndicate Bank A/c No.: 30072010092897 . IFSC Code: SYNB0003007  and Send us SMS your name with Transaction ID issued from Bank or Your Account Details.

By choosing Option 3. You will get 
1. Compact Disk
2. Free Multi use Imported Solar Filter **
2. Participate in Sunspot 2012-13 Activity to see Sun Spots using the Solar Filter in year 2012-13. We will update you by phone when event occurs. 


Would you like to Join us and be listed at "PSI-TV9 VENUS TRANSIT OBSERVATION CENTER". Are you School/College/Institution/Employee Union/Welfare Organisation/NGO/Govt body.
(this opportunity is for those Individuals/groups who feel it is difficult to join us at Venues (first cum first Serve basis) planned by us with Free "C.D. & Filter" provided by our Sponsors)

 * Can you involve 100 people or 250 people or 500 people or 1000 people or  5000 people in your area.
* Can your Raise required money in your organizations name for purchase of "Transit of Venus Compact Disk" with Free Imported Solar Filters  in case we are unable to support you with Filters sourced from our Sponsors.
* Call Local Media
* Publicize the Event in your local Area. 

If yes Send a Email with Scanned Copy of your on letter head  "from Head/In charge of Institution" along with
i. number of people you can mobilize
ii. Your idea of Observation/publicity.  we will respond to your mail in one day.

We will provide Imported Solar Filters freely on purchase of equal number of C.D.'S

Support from PSI: 
1. Imported Solar Filters as ordered (free or on purchase of C.D.) on Subsidized Cost
2. Press Release/Note for information of your local media
3. Official Recognition of your organisation for upcoming activities.

Benefits for School/Colleges/Individuals : 
1.Schools with more than 250 participants will be recognized as "Observation Center" and published on this site. 

2. Schools can promote your support to us in you local area as Observation Center  of PSI-TV9 Initiative.

3. 100's of General Public/Schools get opportunity to watch safely and understand Venus with C.D.

4. General public would be thankful and appreciate the your efforts for promoting astronomy by becoming our  "Observation Center" to make Venus Transit a success.